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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BYOBGroup do?

We are a marketing arm company for Prime Brokers that consists of top traders throughout the world and also provide latest technology in support for better trading experience and training purposes.

Are there any risks for this program?

Yes, nothing is guaranteed as there are many factors affecting the market such as economy crisis of a country or even any external factors such as natural disasters or technical issue and etc that will result in losses.

Can I terminate this program?

Yes, anytime as you wishes to. *TnC applied

What is the minimum/maximum?

We have 3 programs in 9 packages and the minimum amount is 10k USD, 30k USD and maximum is 100k USD.

What payment methods do you accept?

There are 2 methods, the first method is through our Malaysia representative company (6% GST applied) and the second method is by telegraphic transfer to Singapore company.

Are there any extra cost?

Yes, all programs will have additional 10% processing fee (1 time off charges) • For more info kindly email to info@byobgroup.com for USD rate

How do I get started?

i. Make a deposit or TT to our bank account ii. Email receipt to finance@byobgroup.com iii. Register an account in our website

When will my account activate after the payment?

It will take up 2-5 days working days. * Whoever bank in or TT before 8th of the month, will receive their program benefit on the start of coming month.

How do I do withdrawal?

All client and referral will have a E-wallet portal and it will also take up 2 – 5 days banking working hours to process